How to challenge LEI record reference data

When you find LEI data registered on a Legal Entity is not correct you have the option to challenge the data.

If you have access to the LOU that manages your organisations LEI, then you can update the data yourself.

Login where your LEI is managed and update the LEI data.

Unilei customers can click here to login to change LEI data for the Legal Entity they represent. 

If you find wrong or outdated information in the LEI data of other legal entities you can challenge LEI data by filling out a LEI Challenge.

A LEI Challenge starts a process where the relevant LEI issuer is notified, checks the LEI data and verify with the Legal Entity if the new data from the challenge is correct.

You can start a LEI challenge here:

See GLEIF's step-by-step guide: Challenge LEI Data User Guide v1.1 (Download as PDF)


1. Click the Start a LEI Challenge link on this page

2. Search for and select the Legal Entity for which you want to Challenge LEI data

3. Choose Challenge in the top right hand corner of your screen

4. Create GLEIF user login

5. Register your LEI data Challenge with GLEIF

6. The LEI Issuer that has the challenged LEI record set under management will respond to your challenge.